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So usually when I am on site at a customer most people don’t want their users to have to type http://internalFQDN/Citrix/StoreNameWeb. So most people since you really need NetScaler why not do a rewrite on what gets passed to redirect users.

Rewrite Explained

  1. Login to NetScaler
  2. Open your StoreFront virtual Server
  3. Click on the Polices tab
  4. Then Click on Rewrite
  5. Now Insert a New Policy
  6. Give the policy a name. For our example we are going to use rw_pol_storefront
  7. Next create a new action. On this action we are going to do the following.
    1. Name: rw_action_storefront
    2. Type: Replace
    3. Expression to choose target text reference: HTTP.REQ.URL
    4. String expression for replacement text: “/Citrix/<storename>Web”
    5. Example Configure_Rewrite_Action
    6. Click ok
  8. Now we need to Set the Expression that will invoke the rewrite policy.  This value is that needs to be check is… HTTP.REQ.URL.EQ(“/”)
  9. Click Ok all the way out
  10. Save your configuration
  11. Now Open up your favorite browser and type internal StoreNameFQDN and you should be redirected to the StoreWeb site. *Note you might need to clear your browser cache.

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