Install XenServer 6.1 from USB stick

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Since I know alot of people with a Home lab I am going to post how I upgraded to XenServer 6.1 since my home lab does not have a CD/DVD drive installed in it.  This is probably not recommended for production boxes so please do this at your own risk.

Things you will need….

  1. XenServer 6.1 (Release 9/28/2012)
  2. UNetbootin (Download Link)
  3. 2GB Flash Drive or bigger

Setup Bootable Flash Drive

  1. Plug in Flash Drive
  2. Open Up UNetbootin
  3. Browse out to location of XenServer ISO image
  4. Make sure UNetbootin selects the correct drive
  5. Hit ok
  6. Wait until UNetbootin finishes installing on the thumb drive (took about 5 minutes to complete)
  7. Eject from system

Install XenServer

  1. Plug in Flash Drive to XenServer
  2. Boot the XenServer from the Flash Drive
  3. Select Other
  4. Boot to the XenServer 6.1 Media
  5. Install XenServer as normal

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I tried that on my server and I got “Invalid or corrupt kernel image”…
Looks like I’m gonna need to get one of those external CD-ROM drives…

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