SharePoint Alerting

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One day at work I was asked by one of our VPs to automatically subscribe people to alerts so that when he made a new post to his blog it would alert people that he did.  So we set everything up so they get one email on friday with all the new postings.  Anyway after friday came and some of the alerts went out while others did not.  So I did some digging in the Sharepoint SchedSubscriptions DB and saw everyone that was subscribed to the list.  Then I went back and looked in Exchange to see if the mail went out.  After looking over what mail went out I discovered that mail didnt go out to any distrubition lists but did go out to people that were listed by name.

So I did a little digging on the internet and came acrossed this post.

In the third paragraph I read that the group has to be explicitly added to the Site Collection, Site, List, etc…

After testing I was able to add the add the distrubition list to the library and emails started flowing.

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